Manufacturing 4.0: A Playbook for Navigating the Journey to IT Modernization & Transformation

The manufacturing industry has entered an era of radical transformation where the promise of new levels of agility, flexibility, and actionable knowledge through the convergence of operational technologies and new information technologies appears to raise the expectations of manufacturing executives around the globe. Still most will admit that the application of technologies that predict equipment failures, enable remote monitoring, control and maintenance, provide realtime yield optimization and a host of other benefits is compelling and can have a very positive impact on the business. This paper is designed to help manufacturing organizations understand the most critical issues in manufacturing
transformation today.

As with manufacturing, no one-size approach will fit all industry verticals. Solutions and applications need to be developed for every industry and thereby industry-specific expertise is important to manage transformation expectations.
Muthuraman Ramasamy, Research Manager, Frost & Sullivan
This White Paper outlines the following tools to help manufacturers begin their transformation journey:

A benchmark tool: Self-assess your relative position in the industry
An explanation of the strategic importance of IT modernization
A selection of vital best practices to minimize risks in transformation
A roadmap to help identify critical attributes of solution suppliers to help you achieve a smarter, faster, simpler and networked ecosystem
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